FSM9800+ Multipurpose Full Face Mask

*Freely adjustable headband, easy to replace filter system

*Silicone sealing ring, closer to the skin, making the sealing performance close to 100%

*The design of nose cup is based on the ergonomic characteristics, and it is more convenient to clean and comfortable to get close to skin.

*Built-in breathing valve ensures smooth breathing for users, helps to remove moisture inside the product, keep the inner dryness of the mask, and reduce the environment for bacterial growth. The one-way exhalation valve prevents the direct entry of harmful gases and strengthens the sealing

*Suitable for all kinds of people to wear in complex high-risk industrial environments, comprehensive protection of the face and eyes

*The ultra-light and environmentally friendly ABS material is closely combined with silicone, which perfectly meets the sealing performance required by users. Long-term use can reduce the company's consumption cost

*Package: Carton x 8boxes x 1set

* PC visor has been treated with anti-fog agent, improve the safety factor

*Can be used with 3100N, 8501N series Or 40D series of gas filter(s)

*Can be used with 200, 8500 series particle filters

*Can be used with N7501, N8501 particle filters.

Product Details

This product has passed a series of more precise tests, and its performance has been greatly improved. As a recyclable industrial full-scale tool, it has efficient protection against particulate matter in the air, toxic gases or steam generated in the industrial manufacturing process, etc. Performance, according to the EU production standard for half masks EN140: 1998, anti-virus canister standard EN14387: 2004 + A1: 2008, anti-particulate filter element EN143: 2000 + A1: 2006, and also in line with China's national standard GB2890-2009, after many years The best-selling comprehensive tool after research and development. The materials used are also new environmentally friendly PP materials, food-grade silica gel, high-elasticity headbands, and specially-made high-efficiency filters. This product has passed the full range of EU CE certification.

◎Raw materials

◆Sealing ring - Silicone Gel

◆Breathing valve - PC + silicone valve

◆Head Harness - Silicone Gel + electroplating buckle

◆Face Sealing - Silicone Gel

◆Frame - PC anti-fog treatment

◆Gas Filter Container - ABS

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