*Silicone material of mask body with ABS eco-friendly part mounted to mask body

*Freely adjustable headband size, free to replace filter system

* Efficient sealing ring, closer to the skin, so that the sealing performance is close to 100%

*Built-in breathing valve ensures smooth breathing for users, helps to remove moisture inside the product and reduces the environment for bacteria to grow, and the one-way exhalation valve is more resistant to harmful particles during inhalation

*Suitable for all kinds of people to wear in complex environments, long-term use can reduce the company's consumption costs

*Environmental protection material, meet the national requirements for sealing performance

*Half Mask need to be used with particle filter N3600 series

*Default protection class: KN95

*Package: box x1 set /carton x40 bags x1

*Carton size: 66x40x30cm

Product Details

SM3600 has passed the basic full-project test and has efficient protection performance against harmful particles in the air. It strictly implements the classic particle filtering half mask developed by the Chinese national standard GB 2626-2019. The materials used are also new environmental friendly, high-resistance food-grade silicone, high-elasticity headbands, and specially-made high-efficiency filter elements.

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