9006V-white (with exhalation valve)

*Premium outer layer material to maximize comfort and enhance filtration efficiency

* Can be customized as required

*High filtration efficiency for mechanically and thermally generated particulate dust and dust

For example: grinding, sanding, pressing, sawing, pollen, cement dust

*Default filter level: KN95

*Individual dust-free packaging

*Implement standard GB2626-2019

*Package: Box x 30 pcs / Box x 20 Boxes x 30 pcs

*Carton size: 62x32x58cm

Product Details

The unique and high-quality masks have the highest requirements on materials and greatly improve the comfort. From the outside to the inside, they are made of special shaped PP non-woven fabrics, hot air cotton filter materials, and the innermost layer is skin-friendly PP non-woven fabrics. You can choose whether you need to add a cold flow exhalation valve specially designed by SEMASK, and whether you need to add precision activated carbon cloth to achieve the effect of blocking odor.

raw materials

1. Needle punched non-woven fabric or fine needle punched non-woven fabric

2. Activated carbon or activated carbon fiber (optional item)

3. Hot air cotton

4. Filter material

5. Elastic band

Cold flow exhalation valve

The specially developed cold flow exhalation valve can effectively help exhale moisture and heat, preventing discomfort caused by moisture and heat, especially in the working environment with heavy heat and moisture, the simple valve design provides an unusual effect , to facilitate the smoothness of breathing. Especially in the working environment with eyes or goggles, with the help of the breathing valve, the lens will not fog up due to the hot and humid gas breathing, affecting vision or other symptoms of discomfort. It is precisely because of the hot and humid working environment and the requirements of special groups that our designers customized the SEMASK exhalation valve according to this special situation, which can quickly and effectively remove a large amount of moisture and heat, keep the inside of the mask dry, and greatly improve the performance of the mask. The comfort of the internal environment, especially after wearing it for a long time, the mask without a breathing valve is relatively hot and humid, which creates a favorable environment for the breeding of bacteria; while the mask with a breathing valve is the opposite, so we strongly recommend the use of cold flow breathing. Valve mask. We have also selected special environmentally friendly PP materials and silica gel sheets, which are resistant to high temperature and low temperature, have a wide range of applications, and have no toxic side effects. Users will not inhale toxic chemicals due to long-term wear.

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