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  • F9005VH (exhalation valve - headband)

    *Premium outer layer material to maximize comfort and enhance filtration efficiency

    *Can be customized as required

    *High filtration efficiency for oily or solid particulate dust and dust

    For example: grinding, sanding, pressing, sawing, pollen, cement dust

    *You can choose whether you need to add an exhalation valve according to your needs

    *Individual dust-free packaging

    * Implement standard GB2626-2019/EN 149:2001+A1:2009

    *Package: Box x 20 pcs/carton x 20 boxes x 20 pcs

    *Carton size: 67x30x48.5cm

    Product Details

    Ingenious high-quality masks, the requirements for materials are extremely high, and the comfort is greatly improved. From the outside to the inside, it is made of special shaped PP non-woven fabrics, hot air cotton, filter materials, and the innermost layer is skin-friendly PP non-woven fabrics. , you can choose whether you need to add a cold flow exhalation valve specially designed by SEMASK, and whether you need to add precision activated carbon cloth to achieve the effect of blocking odor.

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