8003CV (Activated carbon with exhalation valve)

*Oval curved design for better fit and comfort

*Can be customized as required

*High filtration efficiency for non-oily particulate dust

For example: sanding, sawing, dust, cement mixing, pollen

*Activated carbon has a certain adsorption effect on the odor produced by welding

* Simple compatibility design allows the mask to be used with welding goggles

*Default protection class: KN95

*Execution standard: GB2626-2019

*Package: Box X10 / Box X20 Box X10

*Carton size: 67x28x36cm

Product Details

The hot-selling cup-shaped mask has fine-tuned the size of the cover body. Without changing the sense of space of the cup-shaped mask, the distance between the corners is shortened. In addition to the precise requirements for sealing, the product is comfortable and reliable, and uses skin-friendly PP. Non-woven fabrics, high-efficiency filter melt-blown fabrics, needle-punched cotton, and high-resilience headbands have greatly improved applicability.

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