8002E (Adjustable ears without exhalation valve)

*Oval curved design for better fit and comfort

*Can be customized as required

*High filtration efficiency for oily or non-oily particles and soot

For example: grinding, sanding, pressing, sawing, dusting

* Simple compatibility design allows the mask to be used with welding goggles

*Protection level: KP95

*Execution standard: GB2626-2019

*Package: Box X10 pcs/box X 20 boxes X 10 pcs

*Carton size: 62x37x36cm

Product Details

The 8002 series is an extension of the 8001 series, with the addition of adjustable ear pieces, which greatly improves the user's comfort and practicability after wearing. Activated carbon materials can also be added according to customer requirements to increase the odor absorption function. .

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