*3D three-dimensional fashion design

* Environmentally friendly, skin-friendly PP material, more suitable for children to wear

*Special fabrics and special craftsmanship make the antibacterial performance reach more than 90%

* Free configuration of mix and match of multiple colors

*You can choose whether you need to add a breathing valve according to your needs

*Built-in shaped nose bridge improves sealing performance and increases comfort

*Adjustable PP super-elastic elastic band and buckle, which is convenient for users to adjust the length of the elastic band at any time according to their needs

*High-efficiency and low-resistance melt-blown filter material, with a service life of up to 40 hours (replacement time is determined by environmental conditions)

*Receive customer customization

* More effective protection against dust and fine particles

*Individual dust-free packaging

*All raw material parts are environmentally friendly products, comfortable and safer

*Execution standard: GB2626-2019

*Packing: box x20 boxes x20 pieces

*Carton size: 67x30x24cm

Product Details

This type of mask is suitable for children aged 2-14. Based on the user's requirements for filtration performance and the reflection of the appearance of the product, the first children's mask jointly completed by the technology research and development department and the quality supervision department has strong pertinence. Its raw materials are skin-friendly and environmentally friendly PP materials and elastic elastic bands, and high-efficiency and low-resistance melt-blown filter materials are added. Users can also choose whether to add a breathing valve.

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