SM3501 Single Filtering Device (Blue Silicone)

*Sealing Cup- Silicone

*Breathing valve - PP+Silicone valve sheet

*Super Elastic Elastic Band - Polyster Polyester Blend

*Headgear - new environmentally friendly PP material

*Adjustable buckle - environmentally friendly PP material

*Execution standard: GB289-2009 / EN 140:1998

*Package: Carton x60 boxes x1

*Can be used with 2100N series gas filters

*Can be used with N3501 particle filters.

Product Details

This type of product is a classic single-tank gas mask, which has high efficacy against poisonous gas and is also very economical and practical; for effective protection against particulate matter, poisonous gas or steam, etc., it conforms to the national standard GB2890-2009. After repeated market investigations, the developed half mask is also made of new environmentally friendly PP material, TPR, high elastic headband, and high-efficiency anti-particulate filter elements can be added.

◎Raw materials

◆Sealing Ring - TPR Rubber/Food Grade Silicone

◆Breathing valve - PP + silicone valve

◆Super elastic elastic band - Polyster polyester blend

◆Head ring - new environmentally friendly PP material

◆Elastic belt buckle - environmentally friendly PP material

◆Anti-particulate filter-no harm cloth+meltblown cloth

◆Antivirus canister - PP

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